Before the First step is taken, the goal is reached.

Note: This quote is belong to those who have some meditative experience in their life.

There is one quote I have read in the book, Writing from the Zen Master.

Before the first step is taken the goal is reached. Before the tongue is moved the speech is finished. More than brilliant intuition is needed To find the origin of the right road.
-Zen Master

Disclaimer- This is my personal perception and interpretation I reached after contemplation. Don’t take it literally. Think and understand it at your own.

Before the first step is taken goal is reached.

Means once we decide what we want to do, the vibration of our intention already done it’s part. Or if Universe don’t want it to happen, it will also done its part to perish our plans. We just see things in material world according the “Time” dimension. But on vibratory field it’s already done.

Before you move tongue, speech is over.

This is simple one, speech is already prepared in mind. So it’s already over in terms of vibratory field in form of thoughts.

More than brilliant intuition is needed to find the original of the right road.

Means there is some higher mathematics of cosmos which is handling everything in the universe. And to know what it is, it requires Awakening.

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