Happiness is a Key to Health and Longevity.

Few days back I have attended a session which was on theme of ‘Karma’. It was very long and deep concept to discuss but the core idea I’ve learned from that talk given on the subject of Karma was, “To remain stable (Peaceful) and Blissful is fundamental necessity of Self”. To achieve that sense of self which is soaked in contentment, we are bound to find certain attachment to any external activity.

For example, If we feel boredom, either we go to movie (entertainment) or we go restaurant, cafe etc. We consume something and feel better than before. We find pleasures and stability. But this approach has its own flaws. It only  brings temporary rewards. So we go back to it again and again. We fall into autopilot loop. Once we perform any activity for 18 time with same reason it becomes Samskara (Habit, in simple terms). This type of karma has its own Karma-Dosha attached with it which we are bound to get affected by. We are bound to pay its price. That Karma-Dosha will surely disturb the state of ease we have with ourselves.

That is why it is known as “Disease”.

Its all spiritual wisdom I have heard on that day. Of course it’s hard to digest it intellectually because we always think with reasons and logic.  Since then, I was looking for the idea or a relevant incident which can verify and simplify that nugget of wisdom in a way that everyone can understand. Because it seems tough for us to understand the timeless wisdom encompassed in Indian scriptures from thousands of years.

In that quest, I was looking for any solid metaphor which can easily reflect the whole concept. Yesterday, my cousin and I were having discussion about something and he gave me something I was looking for from many weeks. He told me about Warren Buffet and his partner Charlie Munger. Their age is 88 and 95 respectively. Both are active businessman at this age, always laugh like a kid and having good health conditions even at this age. Its very rare to see this combination together, Billionaire-Healthy-Old Age-Happiness.

Someone asked them about the reason of their good health in this age (During AGM of Berkshire Hathaway held somewhere before 90s). They have mention one conversation they had with their friend who is health expert. The expert told them,

“If you are doing what you love as a work; it has huge impact on your health and longevity”.It creates an eco-system which keeps many aspects in tune with each other. 
What does it mean?

If we look at this real incident through spiritual perspective, The rule of Karma is to perform any act by being stable and blissful not to perform any act with quest to get happiness and stability by doing any act.

In case of Buffet-Munger, They find stability and happiness from their work or we can say from their profession. They don’t make any compulsive decisions to get out of the state of boredom or ennui. They are not violating that deeper law of karma which I came to know during that talk. They find with ease with themselves, not seeking it through any unnecessary and unconscious act of consuming something in mind as an entertainment or in stomach as a fast-food. 

What a simple secret for life with health and longevity and having fun creating wealth.

Find something you love, if you don’t love doing it, Life is too short.
-Elon Musk

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