Creativity is not an Act, Its an invisible force.

Creativity is not an act. It’s an invisible force.

On a deeper note, creativity is becoming empty within to raise above all the impulses of mind and body. And allowing the greater forces than ourselves to enter its beam of inspiration to us.

Whatever we express as a poetry, music or drawing is just a different channels of expression. It’s not a creativity, it is just a glimpse of creative expression. Creativity in itself has infinite possibilities of manifestation.


But to enter into that zone of emptiness is not a forceful act, it will emerge within ourself naturally when every impulses and drive we have, lose its influence from us. We will become an empty canvas which allow the forces beyond our understanding to work through us in whatever way it is designed for us. Person and profession may vary as painter, musician, writer, sculpture or anything else. But the source of all creation in any manner is creative inspiration to follow through.

Let the impulses of mind drop itself naturally, Greatest symphony of universe will take place. In that zone we are not a doer nor the deed. We are just a medium though which creation will manifest whatever it prefer for the greater purpose of whole.

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  1. Hozefa Pitol says:

    Great, Article Bro…
    Creativity is something that is thought in our mind nd we execute in Real life or in Real world…

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